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Sexy Not Sweaty, The New Jockstrap
The fashion industry has seemingly ignored men's underwear for years. It was boxers or briefs with little color choice or chance for personal expression in these most intimate of undergarments. Unlike women's undergarments, with many choices in their styles, men have always had boring under things. Until now! Today there are so many choices. One of the newest and hottest are fashion jockstraps.

Feeling Fashionable and Still Comfortable

Fashion is all about comfort and sexiness today. Sportswear is the new big time trend in the fashion world. You can't top the soft feel of the fabric for quality and comfort. They are the new jeans, the big thing for a casual get together. The sporty look is right on trend too. Most men have a favorite pair or three of fashionable sweatpants. Others swear by a well cut sportswear styled sweatshirt. This trend has finally reached underthings.

A Long Time Coming

Boxers are shapeless woven garments. Years ago, they were the only real men's underwear to be found. These days it's mostly older guys who still wear them. They are unflattering and offer no support. The woven fabric is so shapeless that it bunches oddly under today's fitted clothing.

Boxer briefs and fitted briefs came next. These are slightly better. More fitted than boxers, many use stretchy and comfortable cotton blends. Boxer briefs are comfortable, but will leave lines along the thighs. Fitted briefs are all too often found to be binding or too snug for a full-grown man.

A Great Option

Men who want a compact and well-fitting piece of underwear have begun to look at the mens jockstraps for an alternative. These garments are direct from the sporting world. They were designed to comfortably support and protect a man's assets while he is at his most active. A fashion jockstrap takes the utility and the allure of the sportswear and blends it with the comfort and style of high fashion.

These compact jockstraps hold everything comfortably in front while the rear straps give a gentle support and lift to the bum. The fit is very modern and very comfortable. The wearer gets all the support he needs. His undergarments, being so small, do not show up under his clothing. The subtle lift in the rear even can improve the fit of fitted denim and khaki pants.

Men Want to Look Good

In the past it was accepted that men were to dress drably. Women got to have all of the fun. Not so much anymore! These days 90% of men buy their own undergarments. When men buy their own undergarments they choose to wear fun and enjoyable colors and brands. They still value comfort and quality. Now they also want to express their own personality. Many men even choose to wear brands with labeled waistbands! Looking good is just as important as anything else.

Men actually care about what they wear and are no longer getting a partner (or their mother) to buy it for them. It may seem self evident, but it wasn't always so. This has led to the great variety and choice now found and enjoyed by men who enjoy fashion and know what they want. No longer are men content with the shapeless boxers of their grandfathers or the overly binding tighty-whities of their fathers. Today's man demands something of his own. For many men it is the jockstrap!

Comfort and Class

Many men want their underwear to be as comfortable as possible. Jockstraps offer some of the most comfortable options today. The front pouch holds the gems in place all day. There is very little need to readjust because of uncomfortable wiggling and jiggling. The design doesn't allow for riding up or giving you a wedgie. In the warm weather, minimal fabric and a choice of mesh fabrics mean that a sweaty booty is a thing of the past.

An All-American Appeal

Nothing says All-American boy like the sun bronzed and muscular good looks of the American athlete. For many young boys growing up, he was a manhood to aspire to. In fact, the American athlete is often called a 'jock' because of the kind of supportive undergarment that he'd wear while out on the field.

Even those who never ran out on a field or touched a ball can enjoy that All-American appeal of the comfortable jockstrap. It can be as supportive to the spirit as it is to the body. It's fashionable and comfortable and flattering to nearly every body type. Who can't use a little confidence boost from time to time?

Working Out in Style

Working out to trim off the fat and pile on the muscle is as popular as ever. Wearing the wrong gear while lifting or running can lead to rashes and discomfort. Boxers can lead to odd bunching and binding. Sweaty tighty-whities can cut into the skin. Mens jockstraps are designed to be worn while active. Even the non-athletic versions are great in the gym. Many are made with very breathable mesh front pouches to keep the air flowing. The wide rear straps and waist bands won't slip when the body is sweaty either. These characteristics make these garments comfortable. It's almost like going commando, but without the unsupported feeling!

Feel Your Sexy Best

The rules used to say that only women got to wear the sexy clothing. Only women could feel free to feel sexy in slinky little things. Like many other outdated and absurd rules, that is no longer true! Today's man can feel as sexy and desirable in his underwear as he wants to feel.

This is gear designed to be seen and enjoyed. The front pouches tuck and lift the goods to make them as appealing as one would like. Some designs feature mesh panels for a playful game of peek a boo. Others make a playful game of front straps and colors. The wide rear straps are all that separates your rear end from the world. There is no fabric panel to hide behind. It's revealing without being tasteless. It's the man of today's answer for a night out.

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