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Ah, the Jockstrap. A fantasy introduced to us as schoolboys in the locker room as we lingered to watch many a chiseled athlete dish on sports, girls and the like. The memory of those thick chiseled, legs, the perfectly round muscled butts, their girth of their packages just about to peep through held down by small peice of mesh fabric. 

Here we are many years later, and what began as a catalyst for a little boy discovering his sexuality has become a business. Formerly an under garment was once used to safeguard those prized packages of athletes near and far, has now become a fantasy attributed to homo-erotic fantasy. The Jockstrap draws to mind an image of masculinity, athleticism, and of course the resounding image of toned delicious buns that could wet anyone's appetite. 

Yet, as it is with most sexually suggestive retail, there is a certain level of inhibition that comes with purchasing a Jockstrap. Perhaps you find the process to be somewhat intimidating, perhaps you've never purchased one before, perhaps you are too picky, or you could simply be looking for a sexy new surprise each month that is sure to fire up your sex appeal. Whatever your reason may be, you have come to the right place. 

At the The Jockstrap Shop, we've taken out all the work for you by providing you with the hottest jockstraps each month in a subscription service that delivers a sparkling new jockstrap every month at the low cost of $25 per month--a subscription service that is sure to fire up your sex appeal and cool off your wallet.  

You're probably thinking: "how many jockstraps could a person possibly need"? Well, we'll leave that up to you. But take it from us, there is no such thing as too many. In essence, a jockstrap is to men, what lingerie is to women. It is a symbol of sexual confidence that inspires those who wear them to bring out the sexiest version of themselves while leaving something to the imagination. Those who stare will salivate with desire as they stare at your proudly exposed buns with the primal thirst of a caged mountain lion. 

Gone are the days where jockstraps were "athletes only". The time has come for that little boy in the locker room to pull down his pants, trash those ratchet Fruit of the Looms, and become the object of desire he was always intended to be. The Jockstrap Shop welcomes you. Come on in, we left the backdoor open. ;)



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